Zopiclone Advanced Patient Information

What is Zopiclone? Zopiclone is an FDA regulated sleep medication for the treatment of short term insomnia and other sleep disorders. It is a clinically tested drug which shows excellent results among people who struggle to doze off after retiring to bed and experience frequent awakenings during the night. ZOPICLONE ADVANCED reduces the instances of […]

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Sleeplessness and Fatigue Are Early Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

As per a study, insomnia and fatigue are early morning signs of heart attacks among people.  More than 75% of people who have heart attack experience sleepless nights and extreme tiredness. People should, therefore, always remain alert as both these symptoms occur about a month before the strike of the attack. In fact, chronic insomnia […]

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myth of sleep

The Truth about Common Myths of Sleep

A good night sleep is the best solution for a healthy life. It cleanses toxins from the brain, lowers blood pressure, balances hormone levels and restores immune system. However, there are a large number of myths about sleep that persist in the minds of the people. Some of them stem from not understanding the complete […]

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sleep disorder

Shift Workers Can Improve Sleep Disorder with Sleeping Pills

Shift work sleep disorder occurs when people experience difficulty in adjusting their sleep routine with their work schedule. It impacts the ability of a person to sleep peacefully on a regular basis. Hectic work schedules, unmanageable stress  and pressure of meeting deadlines can impact the quality and duration of sleep. If left untreated, it can […]

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sleeping pills

Can Old People Take Sleeping Pills?

As per a recent survey, about one third of the senior citizens in UK take sleeping pills to doze off. Also known as sedatives and tranquilizers, they slow down the functioning of the brain and the central nervous system for a serene rest at night.

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Why Zopiclone is The Best Z Drug To Treat Insomnia?

The drug market is flooded with several sedative hypnotics which claim to treat the sleep problem of people. They are GABA agonists which impact the function of GABA acid and induce sleep. Ambien, Sonata, Zopiclone  and Lunesta are the popular “Z” drugs  which are mostly prescribed by the physicians to relax peacefully. The generic name […]

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Common Sleep Myths

5 Common Myths About Sleep

A good night myths about sleep is essential for the maintenance of good health and well- being. It relaxes us after a hard day’s work and prepares us to face the challenges of the next day. On the contrary, less myths about sleep or incomplete sleep affects our mood, productivity, general health and cognitive function. […]

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Diazepam Tablet

How to Use Diazepam Safely?

Diazepam is a clinically tested benzodiazepine drug for the treatment of anxiety disorder and panic attacks. In addition, doctors also prescribe it for treatment of seizures, muscles spasms and chronic insomnia. Moreover, depression and symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can also be cured with it.

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