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What is Temazepam?

what is temazepam

Temazepam is an FDA regulated benzodiazepine drug which lessens frequent wake-ups during the night and enables sleep-deprived people to stay asleep throughout the night. It acts on the GABA neurotransmitters in the brain to lessen anxiety, promotes calmness and induces sleep among users. Temazepam pill is mostly recommended by the physicians in the treatment of short term insomnia.

Temazepam Usage Guidelines

The dosage is decided after taking into consideration the age and the medical condition of the patient. Temazepam should be taken by the users only when they can devote 7-8 hours for sleep. The right dose of this medication offers a satisfactory sleep to insomniacs. It should be taken with a glass of water before retiring to bed.

Temazepam Safety Precautions

safety of pills
Temazepam shows excellent results when used for less than a fortnight. People who took the medicine for more than a month often got addicted to it. After a period of time, they required a higher dose of it in order to get similar results. One should never decrease the dose or discontinue it without consulting a physician. Abrupt stoppage can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as shakiness, nervousness, stomach cramps, flushing, vomiting, and nausea. Cases of withdrawal reactions should be immediately reported to a physician. Temazepam should never be taken along with alcohol or other recreational drugs. Interaction with opioids or antidepressants can cause harm to the user.

Side effects

side effect of pills
Some of the common side effects of Temazepam include depression, impaired vision, loss of balance, headache, daytime drowsiness, dizziness, and amnesia. Adverse side effects, for example, confusion,  loss of memory, mood swings, abnormal thoughts and behavior, agitation, suicidal thoughts, and hallucination. Serious side effects should be immediately brought to the notice of a physician.

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