Men attain an erection when sufficient amount of blood flows to their Erectile Dysfunction male genitalia for satisfactory intercourse. A flaccid erection will not penetrate the female vagina.

This condition will deprive the couples of enjoying pleasurable intercourse. If this problem occurs several times during intercourse, then the male is said to be suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction. Cheapest Viagra 100 is an effective and FDA regulated medicine to treat erectile dysfunction.

There are basically 5 different types of erectile dysfunction among men. We will discuss in detail all of them

•     Primary Impotence

In this form of impotence, the male has never achieved an erection and will never be able to achieve one spontaneously. Physical abnormality in the male organ is the main culprit  for this condition, which can only be treated through surgery.

•      Secondary Impotence

Men suffering from this condition had fuller erection in the past, but experienced difficulty in attaining and sustaining an erection at other stages of their lives.

•      Situational Impotence

A person suffering from this condition manages to achieve an erection in certain circumstances for example, during masturbation. However, he fails to get hard while making love to his female partner.

•      Partial Impotence

The male organ remains in a semi rigid state in this condition. It becomes hard, but within a few seconds becomes fluffy.

•      Total Impotence

In this condition, there is no erection at all in the male organ.

Weak erection occurs due to vascular problems

Any hindrance in the flow of blood to the male organ can create difficulty in attaining and sustaining an erection for a satisfactory intercourse.   In order to get hard, there should be a normal supply of blood to the penile region. The male organ becomes erect only when the blood gets collected in spongy cylinders (corpora cavernosa). Arteriosclerosis impacts the normal functioning of blood vessels and veins in the private parts and prevents the males from getting hard in bed.

Vital Tips to rectify Erectile Dysfunction

A healthy and flexible blood vessel is necessary for the optimum circulation of blood to the male genital. In fact, improved lifestyle can improve the condition of the arteries and the veins, for example:

•             Quit smoking

•             Regular exercise

•             Have a balanced diet

•             Stay away from the use of alcohol and recreational drugs.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction through Viagra

Erection dysfunction can also be treated with the prescribed use of an erection-enhancing pill called Viagra Tablets 100 mg. Basically it consists of a powerful component called Sildenafil Citrate which rushes the flow of blood to the male reproductive part for a healthy erection and long-lasting intercourse. Viagra Tablets 100 mg can be procured from the website of a reputed medicine supplier in the UK.