Artvigil 150mg

Artvigil is an enantiopure drug and is composed of modafinil molecules. Modafinil is a generic form of the eugeroic drug which contains R-Modafinil and S-Modafinil, as its primary enantiomers. Artvigil specifically consists of armodafinil or R-Modafinil, which is more active and intense than S-enantiomer and produces a stronger effect on sleep disorders. From the medications of modafinil family, you can buy this armodafinil drug here in the available dose of 150mg.

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Facts To Know Before You Buy Artvigil

As per the studies, many people prefer using armodafinil over the generic modafinil due to its stronger effect on the neurotransmitters. It has also been observed that some people who can’t withstand any high-intensity drugs have responded better to S-Enantiomer composed modafinil, due to its mildness. As a matter of fact, the results you will get on a dose of 200mg modafinil, the same effect on the cognition cells can be experienced with the dose of 150mg armodafinil.

Proven Benefits You Can Avail:

  • Due to the concentration level of R-Modafinil compound, Cheap Artvigil boosts your cognitive potential and   thus can be a boon for working professionals and students who suffer from the slow cognitive response.
  • As per the studies, 3 million people worldwide are affected by narcolepsy, out of them only 25 %  people are properly diagnosed and prescribed modafinil based drugs. The rest of the youth today find themselves tensed due to multiple burdensome tasks and still completely ignorant about fact that there is a medication like modafinil, available in the pharmaceutical market today which has the potential to prevail over narcolepsy. Patients suffering from Narcolepsy and impaired cognitive function can buy Cheap Artvigil 150 mg online in UK from a trusted drug seller in UK.

Dosage Directions:

  • A dose of Artvigil 150 mg can be taken once a day for a notable improvement in the cognitive performance of the brain.
  • New users may start with a partial dose of 75mg of these highly potent pills. Slice the whole 150 mg tablet into two-halves and consume half pill a day for a milder effect.

Precautions before the use of Cheap Artvigil Tablets

  • Anyone suffering from hepatic impairment and geriatric patients should be careful with the dosage, starting off with half pill a day is a much safer option for them.
  • You should strictly avoid alcohol during the usage of Artvigil.

Possible Side effects:

In some cases, for the initial period, one may experience slight dizziness and insomnia. Also, nausea and a dry mouth have been reported on few occasions.